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Thank you for your interest! Before you sign up, we're going to make sure my newsletter is the right fit for you. 

I write in a variety of genres. Science Fiction, Science Fantasy, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Horror to name a few. I finish writing, and finish publishing, a different book every 3 months. In my newsletters I may cover one or all. It's constantly changing so don't expect stagnancy. 

How often can you expect them? Currently I do them 1-2x/month. I was doing them once a week so I could share snippets of my work, but you'll find those every Friday on my blog

What is the sort of newsletter I write? I'm a friendly individual. I treat total strangers on the street like friends and I'll chat someone up if I'm stuck in line next to them. That's just the person I am. If you sign up, that's what you can expect and you can do with me too.

If that's not for you, I understand! You can sign up at most sites now for notifications of when I release a book. Otherwise, I'm super happy to have you, and look forward to getting to know you. :)

As a gift, and thank you for signing up, you'll receive access to four free gifts. Right now that includes Hope of the Future! Yes, the whole freakin book!

My door is always open so never hesitate to reply to the emails or ask me questions.
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